Number Twos are a Roadgas First!

Roadgas proved to be the power behind the throne in their latest partnership that saw them providing refuelling stations for the GENeco poo-powered bio-bus. It’s another first for the Nottingham company that’s leading the way in the gas vehicle refuelling industry.

Proving that nothing need ever be wasted, the vehicle is powered by bio-methane captured from sewage at GENeco’s plant at the Bristol sewage treatment works in Avonmouth, a subsidiary of Wessex Water. How does it work? Well, sit back and make yourself comfortable, here’s a brief overview: Methane garnered from human and food waste is cleaned before being injected into the national gas grid. It’s an innovative process that’s already proving its worth with the bio-bus transport trials with potential also for domestic use too.

Roadgas’s mobile refuelling station and storage unit ran for six weeks and was indispensable for the success of the project, which received exceptional levels of national media coverage. This included being featured on more than 110 news websites and becoming the most read news story on both the BBC and Guardian websites as well as 7 million Twitter users reading all about it.

The bus ran between Bath and Bristol Airport, being operated by Bath Bus Company and is the first of its kind in the UK to run on such fuel.

Richard Barski, MD Roadgas said: “We are thrilled to be part of this exciting project, demonstrating the versatility of bio fuels and the place they have in the future of transport.”

Dec 2014



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