New biogas refuelling station for Nottingham City Transport

Nottingham City Transport have pressed the green button to construct a biogas refuelling station at their Lower Parliament Street bus depot in Nottingham. When commissioned, this station will be fuelling the largest biogas bus fleet in the UK. The introduction of these gas buses will have a significant impact on the quality of air in Nottingham.

Local company Roadgas Ltd, based in Colwick, Nottingham will design, build and install the refuelling station. Their service engineers will also monitor and maintain the refuelling facility to ensure that there is no interruption to the availability of fuel.

The first phase will see 53 new Scania/ADL Double Deck biogas buses delivered in the second quarter of 2017. The refuelling station is designed to cater for 200 biogas buses. Gas and electrical utilities to cater for a 200 bus fleet will be installed in the first phase. As the biogas bus fleet expands additional equipment will be installed, without compromising bus refuelling.

Richard Barski, Managing Director at Roadgas, said “This is a significant step in the move to reduce harmful vehicle emissions in the UK. Not only do gas buses reduce CO2 emissions by over 20% they have a significant impact on reducing harmful particulates associated with diesel engines. Where operators choose to use biogas they will be running on 100% renewable gas.”
28th July 2016

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