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We asked all members of the Roadgas team for their questions relating to the supply of biomethane, refuelling infrastructure and related equipment to the logistics and haulage sector. We then challenged them to provide more questions relating to our wider industry as well as what it is that makes Roadgas special. Here are their thoughts.


100% biomethane is up to 30-35% cheaper than diesel.

Biomethane is lighter than air which means that if there is a gas leak it would quickly rise into the atmosphere. Diesel causes spillages on the floor when a leak occurs in a vehicle and this can increase the risk of fire unlike biogas.

Yes, Roadgas are able to supply biomethane as a complete solution for fuelling your fleet.

Roadgas supply compressed (CNG) from the grid or liquified natural gas (LNG) as well as green, renewable biomethane.

No you do not need to alter HGVs trucks to fuel with biomethane. There is already a range of natural gas trucks available to buy from respected truck manufacturers.

Refuelling infrastructure

Roadgas supply bespoke infrastructure for the dispense of renewable gases, high pressure storage banks and transport trailers.

Depends on the scale and scope of the fleet requirement but generally 9 months from an initial discussion.

Sometimes it is helpful to install a temporary station to fuel a smaller number of trucks whilst trialling biomethane in the fleet.

Currently 6 to 7 trucks can be fuelled every hour.

No, it does not matter if the fleet size is 10 or 100 vehicles. The stations are built to meet fleet capacity.

It take approximately 7 minutes to refuel a truck which is not dissimilar to fuelling with diesel.

What makes Roadgas special?

By changing to biomethane, carbon emissions are reduced by 84%.

Using biomethane in your fleet reduces particulates and NoX by over 94%.

Definitely!  You will be helping to clean up air pollution and diminish environmental impacts of both your business and your industry.

Yes. Roadgas adopted the ISO 9001 quality system back in 2018 and we adhere to the strictest of industry standards.

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