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Biogas for bus,transport and haulage throughout the UK based in Nottingham, natural gas and biomethane refuelling stations fuelling greener fuel for environmental care for our future

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Roadgas is one of Scania UK’s gas vehicle refuelling station infrastructure partners. Back in 2013, the Swedish manufacturer of commercial vehicles (particularly heavy goods vehicles and buses), selected biogas as its alternative fuel of choice in a bid to reduce greenhouse emissions and cut fuel costs. Partnering with Roadgas has enabled Scania UK to deliver biogas to its customers as a refuelling alternative a technology that reduces CO2 output by 84% and the ability to reduce costs by up to 30%.


Roadgas supply biogas stations for buses to Nottingham City Council


Others to have partnered with Roadgas have included Nottingham City Transport, Stagecoach, Veolia Environmental, British Gas Tunisia,  Leeds City Council, Coca Cola, Sainsbury’s and many more.

Roadgas - biogas stations for British Gas
Roadgas - biogas stations for Veolia
Roadgas - biogas stations for Leeds City Council
Roadgas - biogas stations for Coke Cola
Roadgas - biogas stations for Nottingham City Transport
Roadgas - biogas stations for Stagecoach
Roadgas - biogas stations for Sainsbury's
Roadgas - biogas stations for Tesco

Whether your organisation is a Local Authority with a large urban transport system, a refuse collection network or a private company with a growing fleet that refuels “back at depot”, Roadgas can help you take the right steps towards reducing harmful emissions and fuel costs.


With funding and subsidies currently available through the Office of Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) – together with the advice and support of Roadgas– we can  help you to drive a fleet that is greener, quieter and overall more cost effective.

Biogas bus for Stagecoach fuelled from Roadgas biogas station

To find out more, please contact our Partnership Team for more information. Alternatively, have a browse through our case studies and projects to see what we have achieved for others.

Biogas fuelling station for Tesco's built and supplied by Roadgas, England
Branding for Roadgas, Nottingham, England
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Branding for Roadgas, Nottingham, England
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