Refuelling Stations

Green gas fuel dispensing

Directly reduce your fleet fuel costs

Typical Reduction vs Diesel


Co2 Emission Reduction


Particulates Reduction


Fleet Size


Typically, a biomethane powered truck compared to a conventional diesel engine will directly reduce fuel cost by around 30-35% over time. It will also reduce carbon emissions at tail pipe by around 84% and particulates by over 98%.

Roadgas creates tailored refuelling infrastructure for each client, managing projects from the initial concept to handover for all types of green gas fuel dispense.

For logistics fleets of a minimum of 15 gas vehicles and larger scale projects we source CNG from the National Grid where possible. Where a grid connection is not possible fuel dispensing occurs using storage banks filled with CNG, LNG and LCNG located on site.

Our maintenance and in house servicing programmes include all statutory examinations for continual safe operation and maximum up time. Our highly skilled team of engineers remain on hand to ensure all fleets can be driven at peak performance. Using telemetrics, we remotely monitor fuel dispense in real time 24/7. This allows for on time reporting of vehicle performance as and when you need it.

Working with the Roadgas team offers:

  • Immediate and significant long term cost savings
  • Substantial reduction in both your carbon footprint and particulate emissions
  • Access to new greener distribution contracts for increased competitive advantage
  • PR and marketing opportunities for your roadmap to net zero
  • An opportunity to partner with like minded individuals working together for environmental benefits

To find out how we can help you green your fleet today contact us now.