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Clipper Logistics Wakefield

Bio LNG station with capacity

Clipper Logistics have added 6 IVECO LNG Stralis trucks to their fleet in the UK on behalf of one of their retail clients. Based in Wakefield, Yorkshire the Clipper Logistics team is committed to delivering on the decarbonisation goals for the industry.

Roadgas designed and built the on site refuelling station to support the addition of the gas vehicles into their fleet in July 2022. The trucks run on 100% bioLNG and Roadgas supply and manage the delivery of the green gas as well as providing 24/7 service and maintenance support of the station’s infrastructure.

Weekly deliveries of bioLNG mean that the trucks are filled on a daily basis, allowing the fleet to meet regional delivery schedules.  The new bioLNG trucks are expected to cover around 140,000kms a year which Clipper Logistics hopes will offset around 670 tonnes of carbon each year.

Clipper logistics are still at the early stage of running and appraising their BioLNG vehicles and are pleased with their early performance and reliability

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