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100% BioLNG
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84% Reduction in CO2 emissions
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Moy Park Sleaford

BioLNG twin on site station

Moy Park is now driving on gas with the largest single order of IVECO bioLNG Stralis trucks in the UK. Northern Ireland’s largest private sector business and one of the UK’s top food suppliers has committed to mass decarbonisation of its transport operation. 

Roadgas designed and built the twin on site refuelling stations to support the fleet in 2021. The trucks run on 100% bioLNG. Roadgas supply and manage the delivery of the bioLNG, provide 24/7 service and maintenance support as well as delivering extensive training to all those involved in the bioLNG refuelling operation.

Moy Park has maintained a zero waste to landfill policy since 2015. The new BioLNG trucks, run via a 5 year IVECO capital ops lease are expected to cover around 160,000kms a year each which Moy park estimates will offset around an impressive 5,600 tonnes of carbon annually. BioLNG delivers an uplift in fuel efficiency over its diesel counterpart, reducing operating costs by up to 35% as well as reducing carbon emissions by up to 84% and particulates by around 98%.

The plan for Moy Park is to transition their entire core fleet of tractor units to bioLNG by 2023 as part of their overall ‘Net Zero Carbon’ strategy.

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